EFSJ is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote independent, high-quality science journalism across Europe

What we do

We aim to support and stimulate journalists to critically examine, challenge and assess scientific information in a social, cultural, political, ethical and economic context; to develop and support new business models for independent science journalism; and to stimulate debate about the role of science journalism and science communication.

We will do this through a variety of activities, such as organising meetings and conferences, setting-up cross-border investigative reporting grants, and running awards.

Our Board Members

Krijn Soeteman
Krijn SoetemanPRESIDENT
Dutch science & tech journalist, has been working in many different fields of science journalism, from television programs to (online) media outlets. Currently working on mobility in cities as a long term project.
Olga Dobrovidova
Olga DobrovidovaVICE PRESIDENT
Olga Dobrovidova is a science and environment journalist based in Moscow, Russia. She is the native advertising editor-in-chief at N+1, Russia’s most cited and read science news website.
Magali Reinert
Magali ReinertSECRETARY
Environmental journalist working for many media in France (Le Monde and Novethic.fr) and abroad (Mail and Guardian and Sci-Dev.net), she teaches at the Master in journalism at the Université Lyon 2. She wrote “Changement climatique. Quels défis pour le Sud?” (IRD Éditions, 2015) and contributed to the Routledge Handbook of Environmental Journalism (Ed. Routledge, 2019).
Senne Starckx
Senne StarckxTREASURER
Senne Starckx is a freelance science journalist & writer based in Mol (Belgium/Flanders). Senne covers topics in various scientific disciplines, and adjacent domains like energy, environment and climate.
Fabio Turone
Editor in chief of Agency Zoe – working for several media, covering medicine, health, environment, innovation and research policy – Fabio is Italy correspondent of Research Professional News and executive director of the Centre for Ethics in Science and Journalism.
Anita Makri
A freelance writer, editor and producer covering global development, health and the environment with a focus on science in policy, society and the Global South. Anita was raised in Cyprus, is based in London and has reported from Africa, Latin America and South Asia.
Yves Sciama
Yves is a French freelance science journalist and writer, trained in biology and science journalism, covering life and environmental sciences. Yves is the current president of AJSPI, the French association of science journalists, and was co-chair of the Programme Committee of the last World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ2019) in Lausanne.
Mićo Tatalović
Mićo TatalovićBOARD MEMBER
Mićo is a science journalist from Rijeka, Croatia (European Capital of Culture 2020). He is a news editor at Research Profesional News. He previously worked as a news editor at Nature, New Scientist, and SciDev.Net. In 2018, he completed the Knight Science Journalism fellowship at MIT in Cambridge, US, where he researched the use of AI in science journalism.

Member Associations

Financial affiliations

For now, the EFSJ is funded by all member associations: 2 euro per member, which means: when an association has 200 members, they pay 400 euro per year.

The EFSJ is founded as an international non-profit organisation (an ‘INPO’) according to Belgian NPO law.

The registered address is: Duboisstraat 50, 2060 Antwerp.

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