The judging of the prestigious European Science Journalist of the Year Award is now underway. EFSJ President, Krijn Soeteman, sums up what this Award achieves each year: “This Award brings together the community of science journalists in Europe to celebrate the excellent and innovative work produced throughout 2023. This community includes the European science journalism associations who put forward their best candidates, those groundbreaking journalists working to make a difference, and the people from across the continent who review the entries”.

When inviting people to volunteer their time to judge some of the best science journalism in Europe, we must wonder who to trust with this decision, and who will really help us celebrate science writing?

Meet the judges:

  • Angela Bernardo, Science journalist at CIVIO, and winner of the European Science Journalist of the Year Award 2022
  • Niki Korteweg, Staff writer medical sciences at NRC Media, and winner of the European Science Journalist of the Year Award 2023
  • Milica Momcilovic, Past President of the World Federation of Science Journalists
  • Teresa Carr, Senior contributor at Undark, and freelance science journalist
  • Sandeep Ravindran, Freelance science journalist

Over the next month, these judges will be reviewing 8 entries from around Europe, nominated by the following journalism/science writing associations:

  • Association des Journalistes Scientifiques de la Presse d’Information (AJSPI)
  • Association of British Science Writers (ABSW)
  • Balkan Network of Science Journalists
  • Croatian Journalists’ Association (Hrvatsko novinarsko društvo, HND)
  • Die Wissenschaftsjournalisten (WPK)
  • Dutch Association for Science Journalism and Communication (VWN)
  • Science Writers in Italy Association (SWIM)
  • Swiss Association of Science Journalism (SASJ)

One of the judges, Sandeep Ravindran, freelance science writer, has started the review process and has commented: “I was struck by the quality of the articles and the diversity of important and engaging topics they covered”. And Angela Bernardo, Science Journalist at CIVIO and winner of this Award in 2022, has told us: This year’s nominations represent an outstanding level of scientific journalism, combining high quality investigative reporting with issues that have a significant social and political impact. The outstanding quality of the entries makes the decision extremely difficult!”

The award is supported by Elsevier, the global information and analytics provider. Michiel Kolman, SVP Research Networks at Elsevier said: “Confidence in research is today more vitally important than ever before and science journalism plays a crucial role in building and safeguarding that confidence. We are proud to sponsor the European Science Journalist of the Year Awards and support this wonderful community of science journalists drawn from all the European associations. It is impressive to see judges coming together from across the continent to celebrate the work of the finalists – it will no doubt be a challenge to decide on the winners!”

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