This award recognises and promotes excellence and innovation in science journalism across Europe.

It’s time to nominate a pioneering science journalist, who published or broadcast their work across Europe during 2023, for the European Science Journalist of the Year Award 2024. We’re looking for someone innovative, groundbreaking, a writer who has made a real difference. 

We ask science writing associations across Europe to help us celebrate the talents of their members, by putting forward the person they feel best represents excellence and innovation in science journalism. The Award is also open to individuals working in Europe, whose work has been published in European media.

Submissions should include a nomination letter from the association putting their candidate forward, as well as three pieces of journalist work written in, or translated into, English. The judges will want to see variety and range in the three submitted pieces, ideally. If the writer usually focuses on one specific subject, they can still be entered but should try to show different ways of reporting that topic.

Last year’s winners wrote about deep brain stimulation, plasma therapy for Covid, and the Eurasian lynx. Voted best by our judges, their stories shone as high quality science journalism in an age where misinformation abounds. 

In 2024 we again hope to see scientific stories on issues that matter to the general public, and we want to see variety and range of writing within the nominations, by topic and method of reporting.

For further guidance on eligibility and rules, please refer to the Award Policy and Guidelines.

Download the Call for Entries.

Deadline for submissions: 1 June 2024, 23:59 CET.

Enter via email to