EFSJ is happy to announce a call for entries for the European Science Journalist of the Year 2023 award, which recognizes and promotes excellence and innovation in science journalism across Europe.

The award, which was founded by ABSW and is now run by EFSJ, is presented with support from Elsevier.


Work published or broadcast between 01 January 2022 and 31 December 2022 is eligible.

Entries will be accepted on behalf of European science journalism associations (members of either EFSJ or the World Federation of Science Journalists) as well as individuals working in a European country or whose work has been published in European media.

When submitting as an individual, an applicant from the country without an association should first become an associate member of EFSJ (5 euro per year rate) and cover a submission fee (10 euro). To do so, please contact info@efsj.eu to make a payment before submitting.

Individual entry is aimed at journalists working in countries that do not have science journalism associations, or whose association do not enter into awards.

For further guidance on eligibility, please read the Award Policy and Guidelines. For further questions, please contact awards@efsj.eu

To submit an entry

Entries can be submitted by email at awards@efsj.eu; an application must include a short CV, a nomination letter from the association (cover letter if self-nominating), and three pieces of journalistic work either by URL or by file.

If the original piece is published in a language other than English, we strongly recommend including an English translation (a translation of the script for TV or radio work).

Complete applications will be confirmed by the organizing committee after submission.

Deadline for submissions is June, 01, 2023, at 23:59 CET.

European journalism associations whose national award timelines require more time for submissions can get in touch with us for a deadline extension, by e-mail at awards@efsj.eu.