The three European associations from Switzerland, Italy and France – who have jointly organised the Lausanne World Conference of Science Journalists WCSJ2019, and are among the founding members of EFSJ – have joined forces with their US counterparts to launch the new Spark Grant Initiative, that will distribute up to 100.000 US dollars under the umbrella of the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ).

The Spark Grant Initiative (SGI) has been funded with US$100,000, and will provide financial support for work that strengthens science journalism locally while also benefitting the worldwide community.
The ultimate goal is supporting brilliant new ideas that enhance science journalism at every level, applying novel approaches, novel tools, knowledge sharing, and international cooperation.

Projects – by individuals or by groups of journalists – are eligible for grants of up to 20.000 US dollars.

The grant is jointly promoted and funded by the Swiss Association of Science Journalists (SASJ), Science Writers in Italy (SWIM) the French Association des journalistes scientifiques dans la presse d’information (AJSPI), the National Association of Science Writers (NASW, United States), and the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing (CASW) who organised the previous global gathering in San Francisco in 2017, to support the brand new Spark Grant Initiative. 

The program will run under the auspices of the WFSJ, which will showcase the results of the chosen projects as part of next year’s World Conference of Science Journalists in Medellín, Colombia. All the relevant information on eligibility and application are available on the website of the World Federation of Science Journalists.

The deadline for submission is Saturday, 30 October 2021, 12 noon Eastern Time (North America)