The European Federation for Science Journalism experts have worked with the Czech-based media development organization, Transitions, to help create a quick online course on science reporting.  

Featuring practical elements, the crash course aims to empower local journalists to report confidently on science, and specifically on Covid-19 and vaccines.  

The course, launched this month, is aimed specifically at journalists in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Romania and Ukraine, and is available in their local languages.  

It is part of a wider course on ‘journalism during an infodemic’ that has modules on myths and fake news, fact checking, and science reporting.

The course consists of two parts: the first explains the scientific process, how to read research papers and write good science stories. The second part is a simulation exercise where participants apply the knowledge from the first part in an interactive scenario of talking to a scientist.

Both parts have links to a range of other useful related resources, and are introduced and guided by an EFSJ board member and science journalists Mićo Tatalović.

Links below: 

BIH course package

Romanian course package

Ukrainian course package