The European Federation for Science Journalism has launched today an online questionnaire, which will be distributed through the channels of the member associations, with the goal of feeling the pulse of European science journalists, and learning more about expectations, desires and needs. 
“This federation has lots of ambitions, and you are really welcome to get involved. It will not be just the business of a few national delegates, it can be a more collaborative organization, mixing and sharing energies, competences and nationalities. This means it will be cool and useful” reads the introduction to a short panel of questions revolving around the questions “What can the EFSJ do for you?” and “What can you do for the EFSJ?”.

The data collected through the survey will help the next General Assembly – which will take place in Lausanne, during the World Conference of Science Journalists WCSJ2019 – to plan the first activities of the EFSJ.