The French Association of Science Journalists (AJSPI) announced the launch, in partnership with the BNP Paribas Foundation, of its first climate investigation grant for European science journalists.

The purpose of this grant is to encourage ambitious field investigations focused on understanding climate, adaptation to climate change, and different mitigation strategies.
It is exclusively reserved for professionals (print, radio, TV, web…), members of a national association of science journalists, based in Europe. Projects must be submitted by their authors; no follow-up will be given to requests filed by an organisation. This is an investigative grant: projects already published cannot be awarded grants.
The jury, made up of journalists and scientists, will favour transnational and transmedia collaborative projects.
There is no restriction as to the language in which the winning projects are subsequently published. A letter of support from a media organisation is strongly recommended.

The amount of 10.000 euro will be assigned to up to three projects, depending on the proposals received. The winning projects will be announced on 8th July 2018, in Toulouse, at the European Conference for Science Journalists.

The deadline for submitting your proposals is 25 May 2018.

For all the information and the instruction to apply visit