What’s the role of science journalists in opening up science to the wider public? What works? Why? What are the points of tension between science the media, and when do collaboration and dialogue break down and why? Those questions will be discussed in Dublin, next month, in a panel on the future of science journalism and its role in creating an open and participatory society, co-organised by SciCom 2017, Irish Science and Technology Journalism Association (ISTJA) and Association of British Science Writers (ABSW).
The panel will be followed by informal networking amongst the journalists who cover science-related topics.

Time: 10-12h, 6th December 2017
Venue: TBC, Dublin, Ireland

Speakers: Olive Heffernan, Tom Kennedy, Anthony KingJonathan McCrea, Claire O’Connell

Moderator: Maria Delaney

All the details about the event, and info about registration, are available on the website of the ABSW.