The European Geosciences Union (EGU) is inviting proposals from professional, active journalists to report on ongoing research within the Earth, planetary and space sciences.Schermata 2015-11-02 alle 17.00.29

Competitive proposals will (1) focus on a topic in the geosciences (including planetary and space sciences) with potential broad public appeal, (2) preferably feature leading Europe-based researchers, and (3) outline an original, well-informed approach to the subject.

The EGU may award a single or multiple fellowships, with a total of up to €5000 allocated between the selected candidates to cover expenses related to their proposals. Winner(s) will receive part of the award in advance and part upon successful completion of their project(s). If required, they will also receive assistance in liaising with scientists.

We strongly encourage applicants to submit proposals to report on new and exciting research areas that the wider public may be less familiar with. In addition, the judges may favour applications with smaller budgets, which allow more than one proposal to be awarded.

The full announcement, including information on how to apply, is available on the EGU website, with details about last year’s winning proposals is available online

The deadline for application is December 6th, 2015