Schermata 2015-04-02 alle 14.28.39Two very strong supporters of independent science journalism, Olivier Dessibourg from Switzerland and Connie StLouis from the United Kingdom, were nominated for one of the three open positions in the Board of Directors of the World Federation of Science Journalists.

We publish an excerpt of the presentation of these two outstanding candidates, who have been promoting excellence in science journalism for many years, with a link to their full profiles in the website of the World Federation of Science Journalists, where the information on all other candidates is available as well.

The elections will take place electronically from April 7th to 21st*: all associations that are member of the World Federation will be able to indicate their three candidates of choice.


Olivier DessibourgOlivier Dessibourg

In a media world in which communication officers are more prominents, I see my principle task as to promote an independant, critical and objective journalism, which is the only but necessary basis to a valid democratic debate about science issues, anywhere in the world. I imagine fostering this inside WFSJ by:
– developping networks amongst associations with multilateral projects (we are alreaday doing so at SASJ with African institutions)
– creating MOOCs on science journalism
– reinventing capacity building initiatives, like SjCOOP (I helped former WFSJ Executive Director JM Fleury to look for funding in Switzerland)
– developping multimedia projects using new web tools
– organising unique opportunities to practice science journalism (like the 2008 WFSJ Amundsen competition, of which I was one of the 15 participants, see picture)
– putting in place workshops, local or global.

Read Olivier Dessibourg’s full presentation



Connie StLouisConnie StLouis
I have a long, distinguished and award winning career as a BBC science journalist and continue to work for them in a freelance capacity and also to write for a number of other outlets. The skills that I could bring centre on my leadership of the ABSW board plus my skills as a journalist and educator of masters science journalism students. I have volunteered to take part in WFSJ’s important initiative in training in the forthcoming Hepatitis C project.
If elected to the board it will be an important priority for me and I will take part in every Skype call that is part of the meeting schedule of the board.

Read Connie StLouis full presentation




Best of luck to Olivier and Connie, who are among the most active supporters of the European Federation for Science Journalism!
* The voting period was postponed (originally it was April 3-17)